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Middle Lane Hogger

Did you know that middle lane hogging is an offence? What do you think of the drivers hogging the overtaking lane?

What is middle lane hogging? Middle Lane Hogging is when the driver ignoring the highway code rule 264
You should always drive in the left hand lane in UK when the road ahead is clear.
Hogging the middle lane causes congestions and build up more traffic jam and blocks of a complete lane, which is frustrating and then other drivers start undertaking means going faster in the left hand lane, and some start to aggressively tailgate the middle lane hogger.
Please be aware undertaking and tailgating can be careless driving and also get you points and fine
from 2013 police have got the power to prosecute drivers for hogging the middle lane.
when you finished overtaking please move back to the left hand lane
Middle lane hoggers cause frustration and end up making so many mistake

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