Motorway Driving Lessons

Are you ready for Motorway Driving Just Passed your test or Just want to build your confidence

We offer motorway driving courses for drivers who wish to improve their level of skill and safety on these busy roads.

Newly Qualified Drivers – Those who have recently passed their driving test, and have never driven a car alone on a motorway
Motorway Anxiety – Drivers who have a specific anxiety of using a motorway, which they want to overcome
Need To Use Motorways – Those who need to use the motorway more regularly

How to safely enter and exit a motorway
Keeping a safe distance from other motorway users
Learning to safely manage speed on motorways
How to remain alert on a long journey
How to recognise driver fatigue
Anticipate the actions and intensions of other motorway users
Rules and motorway signals
What to do in the even of a breakdown on a motorway
Observation and advanced planning on Smart motorway
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First 2 hours manual driving lessons only £45.00*

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Manual & Auto available

Flexible lesson times
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Learn to drive with quality driving lessons from Blueway Driving School
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8am - 8pm
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